Royal Watch Begins!

ROYAL WATCH!  (And I do not mean the baseball team!!!)

Today is the day waited for around the world by elite and 'commoner' alike----- and unless you've been living in exile for months without a tv or news service you know what we mean! The royal wedding happens TODAY---- as we speak!

While I profess to only watch highlighted news coverage of the nuptials (of which there will be MUCH)---- I am interested to see how all of the Kate & William hoopla will translate to weddings here in the states, Tom Paule Photography weddings to be precise.

Undoubtedly, Kate's gown will be knocked off before we've finished our Sunday paper and the translations of her style from color to design will be seen in every designers collection around the world. Seeing how others take a notable design and make it suit their own personal vision of style is always interesting.

Will you watch? Or do fairy tales leave you cold?

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