Memorial Day Weekend Kick-Off

It seems almost impossible that is is Memorial Day Weekend! Schools out (or about to be), graduations are happening everywhere and summer is upon us. You wouldn't know it with the chilly and wet weather we've had lately but it looks like next week things are about to change and summer will be here in with some punch.

Of course, it will seem like no time that we're all lamenting the fact that it is Labor Day, school is starting and summer has flown by. Why does summer zip by and winter seems like it lasts forever?

I hope you're kicking off Memorial Day in a BIG WAY, but in case, here are some ideas of things you can do:

The Riverfront Times is a favorite resource for what's happening in STL---- and they've said that this summer should be the summer we all stop complaining about (heat/humidity/nothing to do/etc) and dive right in to the many things that make St.Louis such a great town, especially in the summer. I like that----- Dive Right In. St. Louis is a winter weary/bad weather weary town, we are ready to enjoy a fantastic summer!

This weekend has a few rescheduled graduations thanks to the displays of Mother Nature this week, besides that there is a ton of great activities to choose from! Some of the favorites on our radar:

  • How about the Spring to Dance Festival at the Touhill? 
  • Or The Taming of the Shrew in Forest Park? 
  • How about seeing the City Museum by Flashlight tonight and Friday nights this summer? 
  • A favorite St. Louis event on Memorial Day weekend is the Rib Festival at Soldier's Memorial, doesn't the thought of it make your mouth water? 
  • If you wander over to Maplewood, Schlafly's is hosting the World Pork Steak Championship! Should you have attempted to purchase a pork steak anywhere else in the world you know that St. Louis is the ONLY place for this sure to be tough competition. 
  • On Monday, the 30th----- the much anticipated and cult classic Gypsy Caravan rolls into town bringing some of the best shopping all year long. Find it at UMSL and earlybirds can get in as early as 7 a.m. with many lining up hours earlier.
  • If you or kids you know are not playing in a ball tournament this weekend, just about any and every field in town is hosting one! Drop by, see what's happening, grab a hot dog and have some fun. 

No matter what you choose to do this weekend, even if it is nothing (heaven forbid)---- 
be safe, 
eat some Q, 
have fun 
and kick off your summer!!

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