Vegan Chic?

The latest wave of chic seems to be vegan chic. And weddings, parties and even commercial accounts all tip their hats (non-animal of course) to the vegan movement. Well, except for McDonald's where my kids would be very disappointed if there were no burgers or chicken on the menu!

St. Louis often seems like a small town but is definitely riding this popular wave. The recent seasons craft shows as well as local boutiques all seem to be "veganish".

Even "everyday people" are becoming vegan or "leaning into" the practice. It is not something my household embraces however! The shoes above show the trend in vegan wedding chic. These are handmade, totally vegan- sporting vinyl soles and uppers from upcycled satin. They're $60 at Etsy, by seller Hydraheart.

Vintage is beyond huge when it comes to trend and not only in St. Louis. The trend is definitely vintage. In that theme:

From 13Bees on Etsy comes this vintage 50's dress----- $398.

For those of us trend watching, or looking at weddings in the next year or so both vintage and vegan promise to play a big role.

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