Head Shot Guide

Here at Tom Paule Photography we are privileged to photograph a lot of headshots for our clients. It is an honor to help a professional put forth his/her best look for business cards, media, social networking or other end uses. I understand how to make a head shot session as painless as possible, how to have the subject relax and even have a good time!

What I hear all the time is that the clients are surprised that for such a great session the price is less than they expected. Always great news in this economy, yes?

If you're in the market to update your professional image with a set of new photos, please give us a call. We have convenient studio hours for you and will make every effort to work around your busy schedule while providing exactly what you need!

How often should you get a new headshot? The rule of thumb is that when you have a change to your appearance such as hair cut/style/color or to your body (by weight loss/gain) you should change your professional photos to reflect your current appearance. OR every 12-18 months is a good option as well. 

  • A headshot is how people remember you
  • You want to look like YOU, the best you. 
  • The finished photo should reflect what you want others to see; honesty, openness, integrity, skillfulness, etc.
  • Think NATURAL and non pretentious.

Tips for a Great Headshot:
  • Eat well the day before your session, limit alcohol
  • Sleep well, try to get at least 8 hours of sleep if possible
  • Lay out your clothing a day or two before to make sure there are no last minute surprises!
  • Dress as you do professionally, check for wrinkles and any 'spots'
  • Keep colors in the mid value range, no super darks- no  super lights
  • Think classic and tailored, nothing too trendy
  • You want people to see you and not your clothes
  • Makeup should be well applied and natural looking

The biggest help to looking great in your headshot is to have a great relationship with your photographer, that way you will be comfortable which equals a better photo.

I like to tell my clients to prepare for their session and seek other professional help (such as a fresh hair cut or style and perhaps a makeup artist) to insure that your photo is excellent.

Please give us a call if we can schedule your headshot, we'd be honored!

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