Reality Bites- One Month of Summer Remaining!

Pretty soon the weather will change from the idyllic shot with a spraying fountain, grass and green trees to one that is colorful with a bite in the air. I'm not in any hurry, are you?

The end of the summer has some great chances for FUN around STL:

  • Make a trip out to one of the wineries to enjoy their music and an afternoon to relax on the lawn
  • Don't forget Six Flags....... if you have kids you've probably been already, if not, don't miss your chance to go!
    A bike ride on the Katy Trail is a must do during any Missouri Summer!
  • The Missouri History Museum is a great trip for all ages. Their calendar changes so check with the website.
  • Have you been out to the Magic House lately? The current exhibit with Alice (from Wonderland fame) is excellent!
Whatever you do, DON'T FORGET the last day of summer is September 22nd!  ONE MONTH AWAY!

Get out there and enjoy every bit of it!

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